1987 Columbia River Basin Fish & Wildlife Program

This is a scanned version of the Council's 1987 F&W Program.

Appendices A and B are part of the overall program, appendices C-E listed separately.

To the People of the Pacific Northwest:

The Columbia River Basin is both the source of an extensive network of hydropower resources and the home of a unique assortment of fish and wildlife. In the past, the two have not coexisted without conflict. During the past 50 years, as the hydropower system has grown, the fish and wildlife in the basin have suffered. With its publication in 1982, the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program represented the genesis of a concerted effort to rebuild the species that have been harmed by hydropower development and operation. Now, nearly five years later, the publication of the 1987 program provides an opportunity to assess the accomplishments of the past five years and to set a course for future actions.

The program's motto is: ''A debt to the past ... an investment in the future". The 1987 Fish and Wildlife Program describes not only the effort to repay that debt but also the initial returns on the investment. Perhaps the greatest return has been the developing cooperation and consensus among previously dissident factions in the basin. The program is proof that a cooperative effort between hydropower and fish and wildlife interests can yield positive results—results that are beneficial to the economic and social well-being of the Pacific Northwest.

A consensus on a process for rebuilding fish and wildlife in the basin now exists, and it is time to put that process to work to produce tangible results. This program should mark the continuation, not the culmination, of those cooperative efforts. It signals the beginning of a new era of cooperation where all parties share a mutual goal: a healthy basin where the needs of hydropower production and fish and wildlife resources are treated in concert, not in conflict, with each other.

The Council would like to thank former Idaho Council member Larry Mills for his extensive contributions to the fish and wildlife program. Mr. Mills, who retired from the Council shortly before the new program was adopted, was instrumental in shaping the Council's fish and wildlife policies.

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