Review of the Draft Monitoring and Evaluation Guidance Document

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In April 2005, the Council requested that the ISAB and ISRP jointly review the document, Draft Guidance for Developing Monitoring and Evaluation as a Program Element of the Fish and Wildlife Program.

Overall, the M&E Guidance Document under review is an important scoping document that contains ample background material that can constitute a "Guide for Developing a Plan for Monitoring and Evaluation;" however, it does not yet constitute such a Plan, as it does not yet adopt the sharp focus and provide the specific detail needed for application. To become a useful working document, the Guidance document needs to specifically address the Council's four questions, stating the priority objectives for evaluation through monitoring, as well as procedures for evaluating the current status of M&E of those and for implementing needed monitoring to achieve adequate evaluation. See the attached memo for details of the ISAB and ISRP review.

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