ISAB Review of the Expert Regional Technical Group (ERTG) Process for Columbia River Estuary Habitat Restoration

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In response to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s November 2013 request, the Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) reviewed the Expert Regional Technical Group (ERTG) process for assigning survival benefit units (SBUs) for ocean- and stream-type juvenile salmon, as it applies to prioritization of habitat restoration projects in the Columbia River estuary.

To complete this review, the ISAB evaluated the ERTG’s full set of documents, ISAB representatives attended the ERTG’s December 2013 annual public meeting, and at the ISAB’s January 2014 meeting, the ERTG members and steering committee briefed the ISAB on the ERTG review process. The ISAB greatly appreciated the open nature of the review and the ERTG’s efforts to fully describe their approach, constraints, uncertainties, and results.

See the full report for the ISAB's recommendations and comments.

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