Scoping for the ISAB Review of Fish Passage Center Products

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On December 18, 2009, the Fish Passage Center Oversight Board asked the Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) to "review the 2008 Fish Passage Center and Comparative Survival Study (CSS) Annual Reports and based on that review, provide recommendations to the Board on how to organize a useful regular review of Fish Passage Center products."

The ISAB recommends that:

  1. Scientific review by the Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) is recommended only for selected Fish Passage Center (FPC) products. Review for administrative, oversight, or an editorial purpose is not appropriate.
  2. Products should be considered for review when new analyses are introduced, when new conditions or data bring old analyses into question, and when consensus cannot be reached in the region on the science involved in the product. Memoranda in response to special inquiries and technical letters are often appropriate for review consideration.
  3. Products that warrant review could be identified by any combination of the FPC Oversight Board, the FPC staff, the ISAB Administrative Oversight Panel, and the ISAB.
  4. When possible ISAB reviews would be conducted during the public response period following release of the draft FPC and CSS annual reports.
  5. Council staff and ISAB Ex Officio member, Jim Ruff, will serve as the ISAB liaison to the FPC and FPC Oversight Board to facilitate timely reviews as required throughout the year.
  6. For each review an ISAB subgroup will be selected from the full Board based on areas of expertise and availability.
  7. ISAB review comments shall be linked to the corresponding FPC product on the FPC web site and the ISAB web site.

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