Review of Studies of Fish Survival in Spill at The Dalles Dam

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The Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) was asked in a memo datedNovember 10, 1999 from Brian J. Brown, Chair, Implementation Team (IT), addressed toMichael Schiewe and Chip McConnaha, to review the issue of appropriate spill levels atThe Dalles Dam. The IT asked the ISAB two specific questions: Question 1. Based upona comprehensive review and analyses of the study design, methodology, empirical dataand results, are there real and significant differences between the survival of fish through30% and 64% spill levels at The Dalles Dam? Question 2. Based on a comprehensivereview and analyses of existing empirical data, what are the most appropriate futureresearch steps, including a recommended study design and methodology, to determine anoperational plan at The Dalles Dam that maximizes juvenile passage survival?

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