This salmon and steelhead objectives mapping tool was developed in response to the 2014 Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program (Program) task for Refining program goals and quantitative objectives.

This tool contains objectives from existing documents produced by regional state, tribal and federal managers, as well as from the Program and Subbasin Plans. This tool, in its entirety, is informational and thus is not meant to represent objectives set by the Council. Learn more about the relationship of this tool to the Fish and Wildlife Program.

The mapping tool facilitates viewing quantitative objectives by subbasins, major population groups (MPGs), and populations. Objectives viewed by subbasin and MPG contain objective values at three scales: population, superpopulation and subpopulation. The objectives displayed by the mapping tool represent a compilation of existing values from different entities.

Learn more about the process for updating the mapping tool content and background information about the development of the mapping tool here.

Questions or comments contact Nancy Leonard; 503-222-5161

*Listed MPG's are ESA