Generating Resources Advisory Committee

May 28, 2014    See meeting notes

851 SW Sixth Ave., Suite 1100

9:30am - 3:00pm

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9:30  AM

Welcome, Introductions

  • Review today's agenda
  • Recap February 27 meeting - review minutes
  • Reminder on role of GRAC - charter and updated membership

9:45  AM

Natural Gas Peaking Technologies - Preliminary Resource Evaluation and Assumptions  

  • Technology trends
  • Intercooled hybrid reference plant proposal and preliminary cost data
  • Frame reference plant proposal and preliminary cost data
  • Reciprocating engine reference plant proposal and preliminary cost data

10:45  AM


11:00  AM

Natural Gas Peaking Technologies - Preliminary Resource Evaluation and Assumptions (Continued)

11:30  AM

Combined Cycle Combustion Turbine and Utility Scale Solar PV 

  • Reference Plants and Updates
  • Levelized Cost of Energy

12:00 PM

LUNCH - on your own

1:00  PM

Wind - Preliminary Resource Evaluation and Assumptions 

2:30 PM

Hydropower Scoping Study - Preliminary Plan and Schedule

2:45 PM

Discussion of Next GRAC Meeting 

3:00 PM


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